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April 20, 2009


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life was full of friends because of her innate ability to be a friend from the moment you met her. She had the wonderful gift of being able to light up a room upon her entrance and put everyone at ease with her smile and sasdfense of humor. She will be sorely missed by those she has left behind.


What do you mean about this post??? Sicily is still alive.


I am not dead....just letting you know, and if you mean to threaten me, I have security personel tracking your IP address of, and Yes, I no longer deal with the person who wanted to partner with me in China, and my agent has gotten me a publishing deal with a major US publisher, so I am not interested in publishing my cookbooks in China, and that is the only reason. If someone told you that I had passed, well, they were wrong. I hope the later is the case, and you are NOT a stalker.

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